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its my life, so read it, trash it, leave a comment about it, do whatever.

November 21st, 2006


it has infact been quiet a while since i have typed. on here, that is. that is seemingly a popular exposition for my eljay. yess. here lately, i have just been living life, as usual. the fact that no-one ever reads this is sad. but at the same time inclines me to be more raw, and myself or somehting. i have really been thinking a whole bunch lately about like the purpose of life and stuff. everything seems ever so trivial in like the course of a lifetinme what does it matter kind of thing. this is the last day before thanksgiving break. and i cant say that i am actually excited, because i am infact not. but thats okay. i have to work a lot. right now i like, or somehing. this guy. and he is very likable, by me atleast, so that is that. ohh yeah. well i am basically tired of typing.

June 22nd, 2006

samma lamma ding dong.

its summer.
and the weather outside is summery.
im a waitress at the huddle house, and i am
very much in

April 19th, 2006

not much is new, i suppose.
i like a boy.
and i think he likes me.
that would be really good.
i have picked up an application to possible be a waitress at huddle house.
and i am almost a junior. all is well.

March 15th, 2006

my most dear eljay!
life is seemingly monotonous, i think. but i do have add, afterall. its midterm. and upcoming spring break, of which i plan on working its entirety. farewell non-existant plans, hello huddle house. or i may drive up to my grandmas, and do whatever. like go to columbus, and find stuff that you do there. which is actually a lot. and possilby recruit some friends, or something.
over the course of this semester, i have become independent. like, very. im thinking of ridding myself of all possessions with the exception of about 78, which may seem like a lot, but really is not. ecspecially in comparison to all this junk i am surrounded by. but, i cant decide if a pair of socks counts as one possesion, or two.
i donated blood last week.
i have an extremely unhealty irrational fear of needles, so that was very ballsy of me.
since i have balls and all.
but really, my blood pressure was 90/50. and tha ladys all like "Oh no, its 90 over 50." so i say "thats obviously not too great." and she was like "yeah, thats really low." wahht. i figured itd be high, if anything, considering my intense anxiety. they still took it, though, which was really ballsy of them, considering i could have fucking passed out, or worse. but it went okay. last summer, tonyas dad died from a blood disease that required monthly, and weekly, eventually, blood transfustions. so basically his life was sustained only becase of generous pansy's like myself.
ive been reading a lot more lately.
finding alaska is my new favorite book. i mean wow.
john green, what a plain name for such an extrordinary author! i want to track him down and just pAT PAT PAT him on the BACK back back. what a commendable job he has done in his first novel. man!
i read it, and then, like i wanted to read read read until i commited it to memory.
yeah, that good.

i now know that i must find my way out of this labrynth, and seek the great perhaps.
only i dont plan on reaching enlightment, or anthing.mostly every religion is like untimately similar. 1. you have a purpose 2. you fufill it. 3. you go into some afterlife, or in some cases reconvert your being into various forms of energy. something like that.
religion is interesting. i mean its like the basis of most lives.
in other news,
MySpace ruins lives. its gosh darn awful. only fucking losers participate in such MADness. so why do i linger? ....as if i had anything better to do?. its solely for my expression, of which i havent anyone to disperse to , so DISPersAL!

so im making it a point to find my way out of this labrynth.
and drinking as much sweet tea made by my step mom, as possible, on the journey.

February 24th, 2006


it seems i have successfully managed to screw up everything posibly screw up able.
friends, or so called are, very few right now.
its weird.
i guess.
i am sixteen though, so that makes everything great.
the thing is i have all this freedom, and no one to share it with.
well, i just dont know.
no one ever reads this...........
i mean really why do i waste my time.
im out.

December 5th, 2005

(no subject)

rachael ward is possibly the single coolest girl ever, and i am merely saying this on an account of she is sitting behind me. and called me either an s whole or ass whole. i think i-twas ass.any-who, life is life. high school is drama. and friday i will have had sixteen years into life. now mr. whitehead is standing behind me. he looks like a banana.i am a legal adult. because im retarded.
in other news.
i am in love

im really tired of other people "falling in love" or in some, i mean MOST cases falling in love with a body part. damn hormones. i hate people. i am not gay. or bi. or straight. i am ASexual. hahaah no, actually. i am not sexual at all.
i am


"After a while you can make yourself believe in almost anything so I'm making myself believe in you"

peace out kids....later aligator...I'm out of here like a fat kid in dodgeball.....I'll miss you guys like a fat kid misses his cake....I uhm...love the world!


sam is telling me to get off her testicle!! Her left to be exact or well maybe her right. Theyre so big. Jermey likes to grap them and well some other things. When sam has sex she just breathes eavy!!! It such a turn on!!! OMG you have no idea!!! I'm going to see Sam tonight so no one come over or call cause she will not be able to breathe!!!
i love water.
shur fine
deer park
nanti springs
and lastly but ceartinaly not last,

now i would like to cover the subject sperm
sperm is the little bag of fertilizer that connects with the female egg
to create a
fetus fetus.
the traitor embraces the whore!!!!!!!!!!

abraham baldwin
samuel adams
william henry harrison
paige rouse
tasty granny
very delicious.
i am a shit shit.

air fuck.

i saw a really huge trampoline this weekend, at sams.
I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was like this big

and i WANT IT!!!!
so i can make love on iat and sleep on it and eat breakfast in bed on it.!
jeremy needs new kicks!

November 11th, 2005

(no subject)

i am gay.

September 12th, 2005

okay, so everyone hates me.
guess im a biOtch
and anthony, if youre reading, go fall in a hole.
in other news:
news news news
i wish i had a trampoline.
then i wouldnt be so damn fat.
becky harrison is the coolest, like pop-sicle cool.shes freaking great.
and so are jesse, and carlie, and rachael, and tiffany, and adam, and not anthony or richard.
why do X boy friends always either 1. trash you 2. obsessively try to hook up again, knowing its neva gone happen.
ew ex boyfriends are icky.

i am feeling kinda pessimistic right now, i guess.
okay, i like i guess.
only because i like you.
i guess.
sorry to borrow your phrase.
but i can do that.
so BOOyA!

and hollie: call me palease! (229)248-1260 i miss you, and i wanna freaking hear from you. so call me, or die.

September 7th, 2005

strawberry pop tarts

i have nothing better to do than update my eljay, i guess.
chicka chika boom boom
progress reports today
dont think i have had any progress, however, i'm sure that wont exempt me from recieving a progress report.
anywayS, things are okay, i suppose.
i havent had any sleep.
except in class.
i am just at this really weird point in my life right now.
but im not sURE what ta call it.
weird i guess.
strangely enough, im kinda content.
amidst all this junk,
im perfectly happy.
its well, un explainable.

September 6th, 2005

all is

fucking awful.
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