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strawberry pop tarts

strawberry pop tarts

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i have nothing better to do than update my eljay, i guess.
chicka chika boom boom
progress reports today
dont think i have had any progress, however, i'm sure that wont exempt me from recieving a progress report.
anywayS, things are okay, i suppose.
i havent had any sleep.
except in class.
i am just at this really weird point in my life right now.
but im not sURE what ta call it.
weird i guess.
strangely enough, im kinda content.
amidst all this junk,
im perfectly happy.
its well, un explainable.
  • hey, its the holly.

    hey the one and only sammmm. i have despertly missed you! we haven't seen any of eachother in AgEs! AHH! hey guess what. i got new blue con's not to long ago! it's great. anywho. how is school other than your c in art? i haven't got a 'bad' grade in anything but i did get a 80.0 in health. oooooo! we have "foundations of knowledge" this year and it's a very retarded class, but yes, if you look at the initails for it, it's FOK, haha, fok. i love it. we say it in here class all the time and she get's upset.. ooooh buddy. great great. so sam, stop by my sites. myspace and xanga. (xanga- www.xanga.com/dahoborox) and (myspace- www.myspace.com/pearls_with_jeans) great names i know. anywho, holly lame with out sam, talk to me later! hol.
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