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it seems i have successfully managed to screw up everything posibly screw up able.
friends, or so called are, very few right now.
its weird.
i guess.
i am sixteen though, so that makes everything great.
the thing is i have all this freedom, and no one to share it with.
well, i just dont know.
no one ever reads this...........
i mean really why do i waste my time.
im out.
  • holly

    strangely i was thinking about you in the shower this morning. :D

    and then i remembered your livejournal name. so yes, i miss you. the picture of us screaming is still on my wall, life is busy in both of our worlds i would say. and you?

    oh jeez. hit me up on myspace okay?

    yeah i know. lame.

    bakjfadfhadsf i've changed for the better. i'm a bigger and better christian thanks to God. i'll start praying for you. [no reason, just because i love you and miss you.]

    have a good time on spring break, i'm on mine. and if you have already had yours, i hope you had fun!

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