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i am a new member of the national honor society.

i am a new member of the national honor society.

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my most dear eljay!
life is seemingly monotonous, i think. but i do have add, afterall. its midterm. and upcoming spring break, of which i plan on working its entirety. farewell non-existant plans, hello huddle house. or i may drive up to my grandmas, and do whatever. like go to columbus, and find stuff that you do there. which is actually a lot. and possilby recruit some friends, or something.
over the course of this semester, i have become independent. like, very. im thinking of ridding myself of all possessions with the exception of about 78, which may seem like a lot, but really is not. ecspecially in comparison to all this junk i am surrounded by. but, i cant decide if a pair of socks counts as one possesion, or two.
i donated blood last week.
i have an extremely unhealty irrational fear of needles, so that was very ballsy of me.
since i have balls and all.
but really, my blood pressure was 90/50. and tha ladys all like "Oh no, its 90 over 50." so i say "thats obviously not too great." and she was like "yeah, thats really low." wahht. i figured itd be high, if anything, considering my intense anxiety. they still took it, though, which was really ballsy of them, considering i could have fucking passed out, or worse. but it went okay. last summer, tonyas dad died from a blood disease that required monthly, and weekly, eventually, blood transfustions. so basically his life was sustained only becase of generous pansy's like myself.
ive been reading a lot more lately.
finding alaska is my new favorite book. i mean wow.
john green, what a plain name for such an extrordinary author! i want to track him down and just pAT PAT PAT him on the BACK back back. what a commendable job he has done in his first novel. man!
i read it, and then, like i wanted to read read read until i commited it to memory.
yeah, that good.

i now know that i must find my way out of this labrynth, and seek the great perhaps.
only i dont plan on reaching enlightment, or anthing.mostly every religion is like untimately similar. 1. you have a purpose 2. you fufill it. 3. you go into some afterlife, or in some cases reconvert your being into various forms of energy. something like that.
religion is interesting. i mean its like the basis of most lives.
in other news,
MySpace ruins lives. its gosh darn awful. only fucking losers participate in such MADness. so why do i linger? ....as if i had anything better to do?. its solely for my expression, of which i havent anyone to disperse to , so DISPersAL!

so im making it a point to find my way out of this labrynth.
and drinking as much sweet tea made by my step mom, as possible, on the journey.
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