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simmidy sam

what is up with all these gangsta snowmen?

what is up with all these gangsta snowmen?

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okay, so everyone hates me.
guess im a biOtch
and anthony, if youre reading, go fall in a hole.
in other news:
news news news
i wish i had a trampoline.
then i wouldnt be so damn fat.
becky harrison is the coolest, like pop-sicle cool.shes freaking great.
and so are jesse, and carlie, and rachael, and tiffany, and adam, and not anthony or richard.
why do X boy friends always either 1. trash you 2. obsessively try to hook up again, knowing its neva gone happen.
ew ex boyfriends are icky.

i am feeling kinda pessimistic right now, i guess.
okay, i like i guess.
only because i like you.
i guess.
sorry to borrow your phrase.
but i can do that.
so BOOyA!

and hollie: call me palease! (229)248-1260 i miss you, and i wanna freaking hear from you. so call me, or die.
  • my mood is sam-ish too.. =D

    1- you're not fat, STFU!
    2- why isn't my name on your cool ppl list, huh?!?!?
    3- you suck & i hate you.

    did you know that posting your telephone # over the internet is not the smartest idea... leaves an open invitation for rapist and serial killers... and i know how much you hate family reunions.

    <3 you like a fat kid <3s cake.
    x haley
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