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simmidy sam

rachael ward is possibly the single coolest girl ever, and i am…

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rachael ward is possibly the single coolest girl ever, and i am merely saying this on an account of she is sitting behind me. and called me either an s whole or ass whole. i think i-twas ass.any-who, life is life. high school is drama. and friday i will have had sixteen years into life. now mr. whitehead is standing behind me. he looks like a banana.i am a legal adult. because im retarded.
in other news.
i am in love

im really tired of other people "falling in love" or in some, i mean MOST cases falling in love with a body part. damn hormones. i hate people. i am not gay. or bi. or straight. i am ASexual. hahaah no, actually. i am not sexual at all.
i am


"After a while you can make yourself believe in almost anything so I'm making myself believe in you"

peace out kids....later aligator...I'm out of here like a fat kid in dodgeball.....I'll miss you guys like a fat kid misses his cake....I uhm...love the world!


sam is telling me to get off her testicle!! Her left to be exact or well maybe her right. Theyre so big. Jermey likes to grap them and well some other things. When sam has sex she just breathes eavy!!! It such a turn on!!! OMG you have no idea!!! I'm going to see Sam tonight so no one come over or call cause she will not be able to breathe!!!
i love water.
shur fine
deer park
nanti springs
and lastly but ceartinaly not last,

now i would like to cover the subject sperm
sperm is the little bag of fertilizer that connects with the female egg
to create a
fetus fetus.
the traitor embraces the whore!!!!!!!!!!

abraham baldwin
samuel adams
william henry harrison
paige rouse
tasty granny
very delicious.
i am a shit shit.

air fuck.

i saw a really huge trampoline this weekend, at sams.
I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was like this big

and i WANT IT!!!!
so i can make love on iat and sleep on it and eat breakfast in bed on it.!
jeremy needs new kicks!
  • Wow, I now see the extent of everyone's work in drama class, that retard teacher, hehe... ;) Anyways, from what I read here you seem to have a very good life right now, I hope things continue going well for you. Oh and happy birthday! I hope you have the best day ever, because you so deserve it :) Wow, 16, little Sam is gorowing up! Have a good day!
  • holy fuck cake.

    sam, you are a loser and i hate you.
    i hope you choke on the poptarts i gave you and
    i hope you get an std from jeremy.
    oh yeah, i am way cooler than rachel, wtf were you thinking.
    ps. your dad thinks im cool, dont lie.
    pps. claire, your right, your dad is a retard..but x infinity.. or as sam and i refer to him.. a SCHMUCK. you turned out rather normal, consider yourself blessed.
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